Work permits and application process are revealed for China

Work permits and application process are revealed for China

Welcome to China!

China implements a more proactive, open and effective policy to attract Overseas expertise. According to Entry and Exit administration law of China, Foreigners who work in China must obtain the work permit and work type residence permit in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners who don’t have above two documents.

Do you meet the basic requirement to work in China?

Employer requirements:

  1. It must be legally established without any record of illegal behavior or lack of credit
  2. It should employ Foreigners for specialized positions in companies that comply with national regulations and also when no suitable Chinese candidates are available to fill the required position
  3. It should pay foreigners at no less than local minimum wage standards
  4. It should obtain approval from Industrial management departments according to laws and regulation

Applicants Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be above 18 years age and in good health
  2. Applicants should have no criminal record and have definite employer in China
  3. Applicant must have specialized skills and knowledge for the job he/she has applied
  4. Applicant must apply for the position that facilitates China’s economic development
  5. Applicant must comply with laws and regulations about foreigners’ work in China.

Any foreigner who wishes to get work visa should first apply for Work Permit and then after getting the work permit from Chinese Government, several other documents are submitted to get the work visa.

China work Visa

Requirements for Employment Permit Application is as below: 

  1. Three  Photo Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background (本人白底照片)
  2. Employment contract ( 劳动合同)
  3. Employer’s Business license original –  营业执照(原件)
  4. Medical examination report original- (体检报告 原件)
  5. Academic certificate of your highest degree  or diploma(photocopy  notarized by your Country Embassy and same is translated in Chinese and notarized by Chinese Embassy in your country)
  6. Cancelled employment permit (original) if you have previously worked in China
  7. Certificate of your working qualification from your previous Employer original (工作资历证明(原件))
    Passport original ( 本人护照(原件)
  8. Criminal record issued by your country and same is translated in Chinese and notarized by Chinese Embassy in your country( 无犯罪记录证明(原件+认证)
  9. Resume (Chinese and English) 简历(中英文)
  10. If you are accompanied by your family members, please provide certificate of kinship, his/her passport, photo taken in front of a plain white or off-white background, health report if he/she is more than 12 years old
  11. Please provide your address, email address and valid contact information
  12. Please provide residence permit if it is valid

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High-end foreign talents include scientists, leading scientific and technology professional, international entrepreneurs and talents who meet the score assessment standards can apply through the green channel.

Green channel procedure include

  1. Online application, paper verification not needed if already recruited by relevant national talents programs
  2. Requires only non-criminal record certificate

How can Kudosbay help foreigners?

Kudosbay, 酷豆湾, an institute accredited by the Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, is specialized in services of foreigners seeking work permits in China. We are part of SAFEA of which certify foreign talents to work in China. We are authorized by the Government to help foreigners in China to set up a company and get a work permit and a working visa.

We provide reliable information and help you in document preparation so that you can earn legally in China. We believe in mutual trust and maintaining a relationship so we provide high-quality service and valuable information so that you can stay peacefully in China.

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