Successful event by KUDOSBAY and IGENESIIS

Successful event by KUDOSBAY and IGENESIIS

Yesterday, on November 20th, Kudosbay and Igenesiis jointly held a great event in Shanghai.  The theme of the event is how to build strong business in China as a startup founder and more than 40 startups participated in the event.

Thanks to Igenesiis, Kudosbay partner, looking forward to the next cooperation event. Thanks to all the mentors and participants for their passion to startups. We also appreciate  the venue sponsor ATLAS Workplace & Living Space located at Shanghai Agile International Plaza, 3F, 525 Mid Xizang Road, Huangpu district.

The event began at 7:30 PM, because of the enthusiastic participants, the original 2-hour event was extended by an hour. At the beginning, the four mentors conducted a round table panel. They mainly discussed three problems that startups will face. “How to design a business process to get cash flow from customers?How to build strong business relationships in China? How to get seed investment”

Then Kudosbay senior consultant Karan.Xu explained the general tax&tax rate startups will involved in China as an enterprise. Since China’s entrepreneurial policy is different from that of foreign countries, it will often makes foreign entrepreneurs confused. Kudosbay will help you solve many of the problems you will face in starting your own business.

After the speech, the participants raised many questions and the mentors answered them patiently. Thanks to the mentors and attendees for their high  of the event.

Kudosbay Partner,


Build your destiny,be a founder.

Our ignition program is backed by IGenesiis Group, a family of experienced startup founders, C-suite professionals, and angel investors that have come together to share their experiences to empower professionals with strong minds, open hearts, and innovative spirits to become effective innovation entrepreneurs (innopreneurs). We have curated a mentorship community to enhance the application of practical skillsets while cultivating core values & principles necessary for collaboration and success on the innopreneurs’ journey. Ultimately our goal is to enable our graduated innopreneurs to not only run successful businesses but also to become IGenesiis family members. And with time and experience they will empower future generations of innpreneurs to succeed, thereby fulfilling virtuous innopreneur cycle.

Our vision: Compassion is prominent in our global culture, collaboration and not competition is the norm, and seasoned mentors feel it natural to support innovative founders, when they need help the most, from ideation to startup and beyond.


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