# I speak for Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone #Visit and Forum

# I speak for Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone #Visit and Forum

Dear entrepreneurs:

Since Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone is open to foreign entrepreneurs, the government pays more and more attention to foreign investment. As the resource highland of “genius”, kudosbay now sincerely invites foreign entrepreneurs of kudosbay to become the spokesperson of Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone.



Do you want a chance to have a one to one interview with the official?

Do you want to know the advantages of comprehensive bonded zone?

Do you want to develop your business and seek opportunities?






Kudosbay now offer you all these possibilities! We will have an official Forum in Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone on July 10th. After the Forum we will show you around the ZONE. We will have a campaign for spokesmen on July 1st.You can come this time to collect materials for your works. Take part in the campaign and win the prize!Good Luck!



We offer unified arrangement of vehicles and you can bring photographic equipments or unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV).It’s FREE for all the clients!Come and register now!

Scan the QRcode in the poster to sign up. If you have any question, welcome to send an email to:support@kudosbay.com 我们会提供统一的包车前往松江综保区,你可以携带摄影装备或者无人机等。此次活动免费!快来报名吧!扫描海报上的二维码参与报名。如有疑问,欢迎发送邮件至support@kudosbay.com请求帮助。

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