Participate in spokesman activity and win awards!

Participate in spokesman activity and win awards!

As the main battlefield, main force and main engine of the real economy of G60 science and technology innovation corridor, Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone become an important new base for the economic development of Shanghai.

As the resource highland of “genius”, kudosbay now sincerely invites all foreign entrepreneurs of kudosbay to become the spokesman of Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone. The spokesman can use various forms to let others understand, get familiar with the ZONE.


The way to participate:

  • Go to Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone with us or yourself to collect materials
  • Make promotional materials (video / Graphic / poster / Photography)
  • Submit your work to kudosbay
  • Publish your work on your own channelsYou can make videos,write articles,take photos or use many other ways to complete a work. Then put your logo or your own contact information(QRCODE or else) on it to let someone who wants to settle in the ZONE know how to contact you.Then you can recommend this client to Kudosbay!If he successfully settled, both of you can get the reward!


How to decide the winner?

You can submit your work to our email and wechat to participate in this event.You should publish your work on your own channels.The key point to decide the winner is the number of readings and Likes.We will set a deadline time in October.Then you should submit the screenshots or links which can prove your transmission. Then we will have the winner for each group.

For WeChat’s best Popularity Award:We will publish the works we received on our official account periodically and launch a vote. Who gets the most votes wins!


Recommendation Reward:

1.If you are recommended by our spokesman and successfully settled in the ZONE,you will get corresponding subsidies (depending on the actual annual tax situation of your enterprise).

2.If you are the spokesman who successfully recommend the enterprise settled in the ZONE,you will get the reward paid by Kudosbay.


Solicitation Award:

1.Two main group:(the winner gets the most votes

Video group winner:3000RMB or Gifts of equal value.

Graphic / Poster group winner:1000RMB or Gifts of equal value.

2.ForWeChat’s best Popularity:(can both belongs to the two main group,it is an extra prize!)

The winner:1500RMB or Gifts of equal value.


Attention plz!

You can send your works

If you have questions,add this wechat:wxid_8hpvermeaxrl22


Award announcement time:Early November

If you go to Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone by yourself,you can collect the receipts for reimbursement.

Kudosbay will arrange group visit and forum,you can come to the ZONE with us for FREE!

Kudosbay will announce the information about the group visit&forum before the activity starts. You can sign up for the event!

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