Lost Work Permit Procedures

Lost Work Permit Procedures

As a foreigner working in China, there are two documents that you especially want to keep safe: your passport and your work permit card.

However, what if you’ve lost your work permit card?

Work Permit Card Gone Missing: What’s Next…?

The good news is that the application for replacing your lost work permit card is less complicated than getting a new passport. You also do not need to submit all the supporting documentation required for first time applicants.


1) Declaration of Loss Foreign Work Permit Card:

The employer shall first make a declaration of loss by logging in to http://fwp.safea.gov.cn/, select “Applying for Declaration of Loss” on the left list of the home page, and file the re-issuance application.

The person responsible for HR should fill in an electronic re-issuance application form. They will need to print it out and stamp it with the company’s seal (chop) before uploading it on the online system (non-Chinese proof materials need to provided with Chinese translation). At this stage, your company will also need to give a formal loss certificate, ideally in Chinese. This is also likely needs to be uploaded to The System.

SAFEA Website

Application form After Printing and Executing Sample

Formal Loss Certificate Sample

2) Online pre-screen and acceptance:

During the second step of the process, authorities will conduct a pre-screening of the application and if accepted proceed to the next step after about five working days. If accepted, then continue to number three. If it is not accepted, the likely reason is because some documents need correcting.

3) Review:

Once your application is pre-approved, your company should submit original documents to the relevant government agency for a final round of checks. Category A work permit holders may skip this step.

4) Re-issue of FWP card:

SAFEA shall review the application materials and make the final decision within ten working days from the date of acceptance. (5 working days for Category A applicants)


  1. The same process applies if your work permit card is damaged (ex. cut in half, scratched etc…) In that case however, you will also need to provide the original card to authorities when submitting your re-issuance application.
  2. The applicant shall collect the new China work permit (when The System indicates “Information Verified”) at the accepting agency with the e-receipt of “Acceptance Notice on China Work Permit Application” and ID Card of the handler (the Employer’s Power of Attorney is required when the handler is not the one registered in The System).Scan the QR code or mail us at support@kudosbay.com if you need any help with Company Registration, Startup in China or Work Permit. Kudosbay is a Government supported company located in the economic zone of Shanghai, China.

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