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Financial Training Activity Newsletter

In order to enable foreign entrepreneurs to better operate their company, on the afternoon of October 10, 15 and 18, 2019, the Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. conference room held financial training activities for foreign-funded enterprises,which analyzed and answered some financial and tax problems encountered in the operation of foreign-funded enterprises.

Training content 1: Business license
A business license is a certificate issued by an industrial and commercial administration authority to an industrial and commercial enterprise or an individual business […]

Aircraft CAD workshop Session

Kudosbay together with customers in kudosbay conference room, has carried out an in-depth discussion on the manufacturing and maintenance of all aircrafts in the market. CAD workshop, using computer software to generate mechanical parts. After learning CAD, you can use the simulation technology you have learned in research and development projects, or use it for manufacturing purposes, such as 3D printing and CNC machine tools, and provide workshops in the future.
课程培训 Course training

证书颁发 Certificate issuance

How to set up Company set up and explore the China opportunities?

In order to let more foreign students know how to start a business in China and the existing business opportunities in China, on the evening of October 17, 2019, Gary, General manager of Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Alex mavlyanov, the external tutor, attended the Shanghai University Conference. The event was aimed at how to start a business in China, what problems will be encountered in the process of starting a business, and how to organize the […]

Lost Work Permit Procedures

As a foreigner working in China, there are two documents that you especially want to keep safe: your passport and your work permit card.
However, what if you’ve lost your work permit card?
Work Permit Card Gone Missing: What’s Next…?
The good news is that the application for replacing your lost work permit card is less complicated than getting a new passport. You also do not need to submit all the supporting documentation required for first time applicants.
1) Declaration of Loss Foreign […]

Kudosbay will provide Off campus internship to SCF students in China

On September 11, 2019, at the opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Fashion and Creativity College of Donghua University, Lin Qian, General Manager of Kudosbay, and Wu Xiaojun, Vice Dean of School of International Cultural Exchange, Donghua University, jointly inaugurated the opening ceremony event.
In the next five years, Kudosbay agglomeration area will strive to achieve more than 10,000 foreign entrepreneurship teams and enterprises agglomeration. In terms of national categories, industry distribution and resource coverage, we will build international service […]

Kudosbay Projects are supported by various Government department

On the afternoon of August 2, the Kudosbay Project Service Coordination Committee was held in the conference room of the District Administrative Service Center, chaired by Li Xiang, deputy director ofthe Party Committee of the District, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Tang Jian, Deputy Director of the District Administrative Service Center, District Committee Policy Research Office, District Thirteenth TaxInstitute, District Public Security Entry and Exit, District Economic Commission, District Market Supervision Authority, District Talent Service Center , District Social Security Center, […]

Kudosbay is now a certified organization for startups

Kudosbay is a “Certified Shanghai Small and Medium-size Service Organization” as recognized by the Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission.
On the morning of June 21, Jia Shunjun, Deputy director of the Songjiang District Economic and Trade Commission, and other leaders came to Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. and awarded Kudosbay as “Certified Shanghai Small and Medium-size Enterprise(SME) Service Agency(上海市中小企业服务机构)”.

Kudosbay applied for the Shanghai SME Service Agency in 2018. It was assessed as a Shanghai SME Service Agency by Songjiang District […]

Applying for a Chinese Green Card as High-Income Earner

We will in this article cover how to apply for a Green Card based on one’s income. We have tailored this article toward those in Shanghai; however, similar requirements are true for other cities and areas in China.

– Worked in Shanghai continuously for four years with an annual salary income (before tax) exceeding RMB600,000
– Paid annual individual income tax exceeding RMB120,000
– In mainland China for no less than 6 months every year during the four years prior to application.
Please note that the […]

Good news For Small and Hi-Tech Enterprises

Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation jointly issue two new policies bring good news to small low profit enterprises and high technology enterprises.
These two new policies as “Circular on Further Expanding the Coverage of the Preferential Income Tax Policy for Small Low-profit Enterprises” and “Circular on Extending the Length of Years for High-tech Enterprises and Technology-oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Carry Forward Their Losses”.
It was mentioned that during the period from 1st January 2018 to 31st […]

Leaders of Songjiang District Leaders visited Kudosbay

In the afternoon of June 15. Xu Yan, vice director of science and technology commission of SongJiang district, come to visit the headquarters of Kudosbay at SongJiang economic and technology development zone.
Gary Lin, General Manager of Kudosbay warmly received the vice director Xu. After they visiting the Kudosbay building, Gary introduced the development course, market trend and future prospect of Kudosbay in detail.
Then, vice director Xu recognized Kudosbay’s business model and appreciated Kudosbay’s contribution to the SongJiang government. Kudosbay […]

Songjiang District Taxation Bureau organized a tax training session at Kudosbay

Recently, the taxation expert team of the Songjiang District Taxation Bureau visited trade cluster area of Shanghai Kudosbay, which is the base of foreign entrepreneurs in China. They jointly organized the offline tax training related to the latest tax policy related to foreign individuals and enterprises. At the training site, the team of tax experts interpret the latest tax policy for non-residential individuals and directly answer the tax problems encountered by foreign individuals in the entrepreneurial process. The training has achieved […]

Kudosbay conducted Startup Showcase event

On 10 May 2019, a startup showcase was conducted where 6 startup speakers from the different field gave a presentation about their company profile. There were 6 German speakers who share their expertise in their business domain.
The below are company names:

Sedidoc- Health and HR Industry
Story Baker – Media Industry
Mabino Industry -Toy Industry
Neuform – Mechanical Engineering
Proglove – Logistic Industry
Crocodisp- Solar Industry

The event was attended by 20 people. It was a knowledgable session. Many people shared their business ideas and discuss […]

Kudosbay Welcomes Brazilian Printing Start-up

Shanghai is becoming the financial and business center of China. The improving business environment and preferential policies of Shanghai have attracted more foreign-owned enterprises to look for opportunities in the city.
A Brazilian printing enterprise named ZAP came to Shanghai, eager to take advantage of the promise that the city holds.
Check out video for more details:

They had an easy time getting off on the right foot, as they started looking for Chinese partners through the help of Kudosbay, a service […]

Shanghai Daily News published about Kudosbay

Incubator solving problems for foreigners
Kudosbay, a nine-story foreign startup incubator in Songjiang District, was responsible for almost 5 percent of Shanghai’s foreign startup companies in 2018.
According to data released by Shanghai Statistics Bureau, the city signed contracts to approve 5,597 foreign projects in 2018. Among them, 269 companies gained a local foothold with Kudosbay’s help, 4.8 percent of the total number of foreign startup companies attracted to the city last year.
Lin Qian, general manager of Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology […]

Kudosbay’s clients Interviews are published in Newspaper

“Guangzhou is too hot, Shenzhen is too new, Shanghai is just right!” N reasons for foreign young people to start a business
“My name is Tao, from Tajikistan.  My dream is to become a Chinese citizen and get married and have children in Shanghai. Recently, I am trying to get married in China and work hard for 16 hours a day. I still remember the summer of 6 years ago, when I first came to Shanghai, I was excited to […]

Discussion on improving Business environment for Starts-ups

Kudosbay is passionately working with local and foreign entrepreneurs to improve facilities for doing business in China. Recently, we have a discussion with foreign Entrepreprenuers, Startups Experts and with Deputy Director of Human Resources Research Center at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
We discussed foreign entrepreneurs in China and the opportunities available in the market to meet the needs of the enterprise.  We also find several solutions to solve the problems of startups and help them to run their enterprise […]

Deputy District Head Chen Xiaofeng visits Kudosbay- Songjiang

Mr.Chen Xiaofeng, Deputy District Head of Songjiang District, Shanghai, visited Kudosbay, a one-stop center for foreign entrepreneurs in China, for investigation and survey, and held a seminar with Kudosbay discussing the development status on the afternoon of February 18.

Accompanying persons were Yuan Qiukun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the management committee of Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone, and Gu Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and General Manager of […]

Kudosbay and TÜV Rheinland jointly organized International Trade Training

On the evening of January 24th, 2019, Kudosbay and TÜV Rheinland jointly organized international trade training at the Shanghai Xuhui Vanke Center. Experts from Rheinland and Senior entrepreneurs consultants from Kudosbay shared various information related to import and export policy for international trade.

The first lecture was given by Amy, Rheinland Expert. She shared details about the export trade policy. She used the Japanese e-commerce market as a sample to help people better understand the scenarios that they might encounter […]