Kudosbay’s clients Interviews are published in Newspaper

Kudosbay’s clients Interviews are published in Newspaper


“Guangzhou is too hot, Shenzhen is too new, Shanghai is just right!” N reasons for foreign young people to start a business


“My name is Tao, from Tajikistan.  My dream is to become a Chinese citizen and get married and have children in Shanghai. Recently, I am trying to get married in China and work hard for 16 hours a day. I still remember the summer of 6 years ago, when I first came to Shanghai, I was excited to shoot the Pearl of the Orient. The most worrying problem for me now is to see the Chinese mother.”


“My name is Peter, from Moscow, Russia. My mother is a well-known lawyer. My father is an international financial investor. I have a company in many countries, so others think that I am a Russian rich second generation. I am now an international master.” I am doing furniture import and export, art investment, information consulting business, and the profit is not low. I like ‘Red Tickets’ and I like Shanghai very much. It is everywhere in gold.”


“My name is Cori, from France. The Chinese seem to like to go to the French town to travel. My hometown is very beautiful. But compared to France, I like to stay with my girlfriend in Shanghai. There are more careers and more opportunities here. Chinese young people don’t seem to like the word ‘rice culture’, but I like it because it allows me to find business opportunities.”


In recent years, like Peter, Cori, and Li Haitao, more and more foreign young people have chosen to start a business in Magic Capital Shanghai. Last year, about 300 foreign entrepreneurs were added to the “Choudouwan” incubator in Songjiang District, Shanghai. There are many different fields for foreign young entrepreneurs, but many people have expressed a cognition: “China is now an opportunity everywhere, and China will be very bullish in the future!”


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