Kudosbay will provide Off campus internship to SCF students in China

Kudosbay will provide Off campus internship to SCF students in China

On September 11, 2019, at the opening ceremony of the Shanghai International Fashion and Creativity College of Donghua University, Lin Qian, General Manager of Kudosbay, and Wu Xiaojun, Vice Dean of School of International Cultural Exchange, Donghua University, jointly inaugurated the opening ceremony event.


In the next five years, Kudosbay agglomeration area will strive to achieve more than 10,000 foreign entrepreneurship teams and enterprises agglomeration. In terms of national categories, industry distribution and resource coverage, we will build international service trade parks and platforms with global influence.

We will gradually build a working, living and service ecosystem for foreign businesses. So as to promote the cooperation between Chinese local enterprises and foreign entrepreneurs in China, to bridge the deep valley of the road of international trade in services, leveling the mountains, making the road smooth and straight.



In the next five years, there will be thousands of foreign-related jobs and nearly 10,000 short-term or long-term internship opportunities in the Kudosbay agglomeration area. At present, Kudosbay has cooperated with many colleges and universities to share business learning experiences. It also strives to create a public service atmosphere of Industry-University-Research interaction.


The cooperation between Kudosbay and Shanghai International Institute of Fashion and Creativity of Donghua University marks the deep international integration of entrepreneurship, creativity and fashion elements. It is a bold attempt to land the good operation mechanism of industry, University and research in national economic development zones. I believe that in the future, through the full integration and exchange between international entrepreneurs and the International Institute of Fashion and Creativity, we can wipe out a surprising spark and add a touch of fashionable beauty to international trade in services.

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