Kudosbay propelled a strategic framework agreement signed

Kudosbay propelled a strategic framework agreement signed

In order to achieve the goal of “complementary advantages, resource sharing and mutual benefit”, through school-enterprise cooperation, we can achieve common development in the fields of talent training, talent learning and exchange. On May 19, Songjiang Economic &Technological Development Zone and the FISF signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Songjiang Economic &Technological Development Zone’s Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Executive deputy director of Management Committee Yuan Qiukun and the Executive director of FISF,Qian Jun attended the ceremony. At the same time, as the witness of the cooperation between the two sides, kudosbay also attended the signing ceremony, symbolizing the internationalization of cooperation between FISF and Songjiang Economic &Technological Development Zone.

为实现 “优势互补、资源共享、互惠互利”的目标,通过校企合作,就人才培养、人员学习交流等领域实现共同发展。5月19日,松江经济技术开发区与复旦大学泛海国际金融学院正式签署战略合作框架协议。经开区党工委书记、管委会常务副主任袁球坤,复旦大学泛海国际金融学院执行院长钱军出席。同时,酷豆湾作为双方合作的见证者,也出席了本次的签约仪式,象征着复旦大学泛海国际金融学院与松江经开区的合作走向国际化。

Signing ceremony


Before this cooperation, kudosbay launched a series of activities with the FISF as a training program for overseas entrepreneurs. They were devoted to training relevant trainees to grasp the industry’s cutting-edge professional knowledge, to be familiar with domestic and foreign market operation and environment, and to master domestic and foreign capital market operation high-end management and professional talents. They made full use of their own human resources, research resources and information resources to carry out close cooperation, and held special research and lectures on hot, focus and difficult issues in the market.


Leaders attending the meeting


At the same time, the relationship between kudosbay and Songjiang Economic &Technological Development Zone is even more inseparable.Shanghai kudosbay International Service Trade cluster is an Innovative service department that includes an international service trade park and a public service platform constructed, operated  and managed by Shanghai  kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. This project is under the guidance of Shanghai Songjiang national economic development zone and with the support of Shanghai Songjiang District People’s government according to the 2017 decision of the State Council on the pilot development of service trade innovation and the policy of Shanghai Construction Science and Technology Innovation Center.


Kudosbay’s general manager Gary Lin



This time, as a bridge of the cooperation, kudosbay will better promote the integration and internationalization of production, learning and research between the FISF and Songjiang Economic &Technological Development Zone, and strive to improve the business management skills of the enterprise leaders and entrepreneurs in the park.


Successfully signed the contract


Based on good trust and strategic consideration of long-term development, the two sides work together to form a long-term strategic partnership. It is believed that on the basis of good cooperation, we will further make full use of the advantages of both sides, continue to promote deep cooperation, play a coordinating effect and form an overall joint force. In the future, kudousbay will also continue to increase investment attraction, expand service categories, focus on foreign publicity positions, speed up the construction of information platform, help more Chinese enterprises to go out, and strive to build an international business ecosystem of Yangtze River Delta G60 science and technology innovation corridor.



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