Kudosbay Projects are supported by various Government department

Kudosbay Projects are supported by various Government department


On the afternoon of August 2, the Kudosbay Project Service Coordination Committee was held in the conference room of the District Administrative Service Center, chaired by Li Xiang, deputy director ofthe Party Committee of the District, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Tang Jian, Deputy Director of the District Administrative Service Center, District Committee Policy Research Office, District Thirteenth TaxInstitute, District Public Security Entry and Exit, District Economic Commission, District Market Supervision Authority, District Talent Service Center , District Social Security Center, Songjiang Customs and Kudosbay company responsible for the participation.





At the meeting, the person in charge of the company introduced the company’s basic situation and the first half of this year’s operating conditions and investment situation.

Subsequently, he explained the problem encountered in handling the licensing and discuss, and put forward the following claims:

  1.  Kudosbay plans to build a gathering area of 10,000 enterprises in the next 5-8 years, I hope that all departments can work with kudosbay to innovate service mechanism, improve service efficiency;
  2. I hope that the relevant functional departments can help Kudosbay to carry out more accurate policy interpretation so that Kudosbay translates the policy documents;
  3. I hope that all relevant departments can deliver foreign-related talents for the Kudosbay.




After listening to the relevant claims of Kudosbay, the relevant departments said they would continue to assist Kudosbay service enterprises, At the same time, the department with provide support in handling various situations and provide various suggestions to deal with problems. I hope that Kudosbay focuses on risk control and serve well to its clients. we must also take good care to strengthen the promotion of taxation and other related policies, counseling, and follow-up management of enterprises.


Subsequently, Li Xiang said that due to its special foreign-related nature and innovation, the Kudosbay project must have certain contradictions with its reality. Coordination will give departments a preliminary understanding of the basic situation and development vision of Kudosbay, as well as the future development of possible problems and risks, hope to get the understanding and help of the departments. Next, Kudosbay should take the initiative to communicate and interact with relevant departments to further discuss how to do a good job in the development of the premise of risk control prevention, improve the quality of investment, optimize the service flow, reduce the pressure of work, better serve foreign businesses in China at the same time, for the Yangtze River Delta G60 science and technology corridor construction to inject new vitality.


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