Kudosbay is now a certified organization for Startups

Kudosbay is now a certified organization for Startups


On the morning of June 21, Jia Shunjun, Deputy director of the Songjiang District Economic and Trade Commission, and other leaders came to Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. and awarded Kudosbay as “Certified Shanghai Small and Medium-size Enterprise(SME) Service Agency(上海市中小企业服务机构)”.


Kudosbay applied for the Shanghai SME Service Agency in 2018. It was assessed as a Shanghai SME Service Agency by Songjiang District based on recommendation, expertise, and on-site visit. A total of 4 companies in Songjiang District were identified as Shanghai for the first time. Kudosbay is one of the SME agency company which was certified by the Economic Development Zone.

酷豆湾公司总经理林骞向经委领导介绍了公司发展情况,分享了公司在为外国创业者服务过程中的案例、经验与体会 。松江区经委分管副主任贾顺军充分肯定了酷豆湾的工作,并希望酷豆湾在确保招商质量的前提下实现1000家企业落户的目标,吸引更多外国人留在松江创业发展。未来还可以为松江引入有国际文化元素的生活社区。

Mr. Gary, General manager of Kudosbay Company, introduced the development of the company to the leaders of the Economic and Trade Commission and shared the company’s case, and shared the experience in the process of serving foreign entrepreneurs. Jia Shunjun, deputy director of the Songjiang District Economic and Trade Commission, fully affirmed the work of Kudosbay and hoped that Kudosbay would achieve the goal of setting up 1,000 enterprises under the premise of ensuring the quality of investment, attracting more foreigners to stay in Songjiang for entrepreneurial development. In the future, we can also introduce a living community with international cultural elements for Songjiang.


Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a service organization dedicated to serving foreigners who are interested in entrepreneurship in China. Through the O2O model, foreigners with certain resources skills and experience will gather in China to form high-quality resources along the Belt and Road, introduce international service trade resources to help domestic enterprises go out and help the supply side. As of the beginning of June 2019, the company has served more than 60,000 foreigners, serving more than 1,000 overseas entrepreneurial teams or individuals, attracting more than 500 foreign-funded enterprises, covering 82 countries and regions. The Shanghai Daily, China Daily, Shanghai TV, CCTV Russian Channel, and other media have all reported about Kudosbay.


At the beginning of the 2017 project, the leaders of the Songjiang Economic Development Zone were highly concerned. The designated responsible personnel coordinated the development of the Kudosbay project, helping to solve problems of various foreign entrepreneurs. The Business Services Section of the Economic Development Zone of the Economic Development Zone provided relevant technology and industrial policies to enterprises, help enterprises to connect with relevant commissions, and successfully apply for district-level incubators and SME service organizations to help enterprises develop high-quality services.


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