Kudosbay Finance and Tax Training Season 3

Kudosbay Finance and Tax Training Season 3

August 28, Kudosbay organized the third Finance and Tax Training Class for our clients. Nearly 20 entrepreneurs from different countries and engaged in different industries includes Trading, Consulting, Technology  took part in the training. Thank you for participating in this training on such a hot day.

Kudosbay carefully prepared cold water, fruits and snacks for all customers who are far away to participate in the class. The class began at 1:30pm ,then there was about 2 hours speech. Also thanks to those who try their best to organize the class.

Same as previous Training, we taught the financial knowledge that foreign entrepreneurs must know in China. This time, we added something new, such as Chinese Real-time Finance and Tax Policy. Because many Chinese policies have changed too quickly, which make some foreigners confused.  This Training Class was trained by the Kudosbay Financial Services Department, all in English. Knowledge points including banking, tax, financial operations and so on. In the training class, the speaker gave many examples in order to make foreign entrepreneurs understand better. Finally , Q&A, the speaker answered many questions patiently from our entrepreneurs.

The hot sun is hard to stop the entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm for learning. They said the class is very practical. At the same time, They hope to have more opportunities to attend such training lectures in the future, so as to help them know more about China’s business environment and government policies and regulations.

Kudosbay is one stop center for foreign entrepreneurs in China. We not only help entrepreneurs startup, but also help them expand their business in China. Kudosbay always try to solve all the customers’problems. Kudosbay has carefully prepared a series of courses including Finance, Tax , Intellectual Property, Law etc. If you would like to join the Kudosbay Foreign Entrepreneurs College, Please scan the QR code below to get more information.

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