Kudosbay and Arab leaders Conference

Kudosbay and Arab leaders Conference

On November 22,2019, more than 30 officials from Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Mali, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, Comoros, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar and other Arab countries visited the Shanghai Kudosbay International Service Trade Industrial Cluster (Songjiang headquarters).

On the same day, the Arab officials seminar was led by Liang Ping’an, deputy director of the office of China Arab Reform and Development Research Center, accompanied by Li Xiang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the development zone. Gary, General manager of Kudosbay, first introduced the planning and operation of Kudosbay Park to all leaders. According to Gary, Kudosbay is a service organization that focuses on serving “foreigners who are interested in starting and developing businesses in China”. It has been through the O2O model that we have gathered a group of expatriates who have certain resources, technology, skills and experience to build up a number of resources in China, thus forming the resource plateau of the “intellectual”. We will introduce the international service trade resources along the Belt road policy, help enterprises and help domestic enterprises go global, help supply side reform, expand international service trade and international crowdsourcing path and energy level, thus forming the international business ecosystem of G60 science and technology innovation corridor. Under the guidance of the policy of Songjiang National Economic Development Zone of Shanghai, the international service trade park and the public service platform of Internet business form constructed, operated and managed by Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. provide more efficient and comprehensive help for these entrepreneurs.



Subsequently, representatives of Arab entrepreneurs in Kudosbay Park shared their work and life in China, such as


1)BOUSSEHRA ABDELKRIM from Morocco,作为上海马娜莎国际贸易有限公司的CEO,introduced that he hoped that his company’s shoes could make every consumer’s feet “reborn”.

2)RHAZLAOUI HASNAA from Morocco 则是上海帕塔尔商务咨询有限公司的CEO As an excellent architect, she said she hopes to bring more visual feast to people with her own professional technology.

3) DURAID HASAN an entrepreneur from Iraq 他是上海壹祈信息科技有限公司的CEO, has build a pet platform advocates that people should treat  pets better and also give importance to the nature and eco friendly products.

4)MOUHANAD ABO DAN of Syria,  上海峦晓贸易有限公司CEO, the company’s philosophy is dedicated to the research and development and production of natural soap. The pure natural soap without any chemical addition brings people the guarantee of safety and health

5)Zaid from Yemen 上海胡西信息科技有限公司的CEO has an engineering consulting company located in Songjiang, which aims to provide design consulting and personnel training services for high-end engineering machinery for Chinese enterprises.

The representatives of the leading delegation have said that the existence of kudosbay is of great significance. It is because of its guidance that these Arab entrepreneurs living in foreign countries are not affected by the differences in language and culture, but also let them fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and have their own businesses. In fact, it is not difficult to create a new enterprise. How to operate it is very important for entrepreneurs to have today’s achievements, which not only shows the hard work of entrepreneurs, but also shows that kudosbay has played a very positive role in this process!

Finally, leaders from all over the world highly appreciate the founding concept and operation mode of Kudosbay, and hope that in the future, kudosbay can help more people in Arab countries to fulfill their entrepreneurial dream in Shanghai, China!




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