Foreigners: Verifying Your Overseas Degree in China

Foreigners: Verifying Your Overseas Degree in China

This document serves as a base guide to the requirements for foreigners to get their degree “verified” through the Chinese Government system.

It is particularly useful that foreigners can now have their degree verified in China by a Chinese government office that verifies the foreign degrees for Chinese nationals. It is important to remember that this service is designed for Chinese people who have studied abroad so some information may not apply, and applicants must use common sense when filling in the to verifying degree in China


One reason that you may wish to proceed with this method is that it is far faster, easier, and overall cheaper, rather than going through getting the appropriate seals back home and then obtaining the seal at the Chinese consulate or embassy. The related fees in many native English speaking countries such as the express mail fees make this process overseas even more expensive.


The total fee is 360 RMB + 15 RMB per document if shipped within the Mainland China.

guide to verifying degree in China. foreigners verifying degree in China

NOTE –  The service cannot accept documents via mail and service center office can only mail the finished documents to an address in Mainland China, or a greater China region (e.g., Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan).  It is possible to have a friend, your employer or your visa agent act on your behalf.

Tips to remember when you are filling out the application:

For best results, it is suggested to use Internet Explorer.

Before you begin, you will need the following documents:

· jpeg image of 2-inch passport size photograph

· jpeg image of your degree

· jpeg image of executed agreement

  • You do not need to fill anything in for where it says Student ID.
  • Program of Study should be the degree you received (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Engineering).
  • Period of study you should write the starting month and year and the ending month and year of your to verifying degree in China. foreigners verifying degree in China

1. Please prepare an address in Chinese characters of where you want the completed documents to be sent.

2. All signatures must match your passport signature and should be written with an ink pen (water pen in Chinese) and NOT a ballpoint pen.

3. All dates should be written in Chinese format YYYY/MM or YYYY/MM/DD

4. Prepare the above four documents first as mentioned before point number 1.

Then, you need to register for an account and these steps are helpful if you have a Chinese friend or a foreigner who has used the service before to assist you because it is all in Chinese.

1.   Go to: and click on the blue button in the center to register

guide to verifying degree in China. foreigners verifying degree in China,

2.   Agree to the terms and conditions.

3.   Fill in the required details for your account registration. You will need a local phone number in China to register with via text message notification, and a valid email address which you can access in China for a password verification.

Once your account is created, then you have to add the details for the degree that you want to have verified.

1.   Log in to your account.

2.   Click to start a new application.

3.   Fill in the required information.

Please note that some of the information you have to use common sense because either (a) the information required is intended for Chinese people or (b) your certification may not say the detail directly. For example:

a.   For the question asking when you went overseas, you can use the date (month and year you started your degree)

b.   For the question that asks when you started your degree, but your degree may not say, you could simply answer based on the truth. For example, if you earned your degree from the US in May 2009, then you would have started September 2006 (and graduated high school in June 2006).

4.   If your university is on the list, and most are, then that is good news. Otherwise you will need to provide a transcript copy.

5.   Upload the jpeg files as directed.

6.   During the application process, you will have to choose the location that you will submit your documents in person at. Choose the best location for you.

7.   With regards to the delivery of your finished documents, you can pay 15 RMB and provide a mailing address to deliver the finished document via express mail.

NOTE – Please provide an address in Chinese characters and a phone number of someone who can talk with the delivery man in Chinese.

8.   Make the payment online. This payment must be made online with a Chinese UnionPay card. No other forms of payments are accepted at the moment.

9.   When finished, you will receive an email confirmation.

Graduation in China, degree verification in China

Now, you need to prepare your documents for submitting at the service center Office.

1.   Main page of your passport copy (this includes the picture page with personal details and your signature page)

2.   Official translation of the degree. You will after either

(a) Need to consult with a legally registered translation company in the city that you plan to submit the documents in order to get a translation of the document. You will need to send them a scanned copy of your degree. You will need the official translation of the original seal. Usually, this is a stamp on the Chinese copy and a stamp that is partly on the English and Chinese copies.
(b) Alternatively, there is a translation service at the office where you will submit the documents, but it is often significantly more expensive, and the translation service staff are not always working so it is best to get it done beforehand.

3.   One 2-inch passport size photo. It must be the same photo that you uploaded online.

4.   If your university was on the list, you will have to write when requested, by the officer, at the window, that you did not provide the academic transcript, sign it, and date. If your university was not on the list, you would have to have the original transcript, a copy of it, and a certified translation of your transcript.

5.   Original degree certificate

6.   Copy of degree certificate

7.   Original passport.

8.   Original agreement as uploaded online.

When you go to the office, the officer will find your application in the system, print the application form and ask you to sign it. He or she will glue your photo to the form and will attach the certified translation the form. He or she will also review your passport information and scan it, as well as scan your degree.

You should register as the name on your degree. If your passport name is different, you will need to explain it to the officer processing your application (e.g. if you don’t have middle names on the degree).  Remember these people are not used to dealing with foreigners.

Please note that we have just addressed the basic information for foreigners who are from native English speaking countries.

There are additional document requirements for those who either are from or who were educated in Sino-Foreign joint venture programs; Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Ireland, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Please consult the Renzheng page for details.

If your degree is not in the English language, you will need an official translation showing a double translation language of the degree to English to Chinese.

The officer will print a confirmation page when your documents have been all submitted. For the original documents, they will not take them, but rather review and scan them and then give them back to you. The processing time usually takes 20-30 business days.

We have heard that faster processing for Beijing because the documents are processed there compared to other parts of China which could take up to two months.

Please note that the Chinese government has offices for degree verification in most major cities and provinces but if yours is not listed, then you will need to entrust a friend to deliver the documents for you. You will need to complete a form, upload the jpg copy and send your friend the original, and a translation company in the city where it will be submitted must do the translation. The nationality of this person probably does not matter. The major consideration should be that he or she has experience with doing it. However, the ironic issue is that the original passport is required because legally one cannot be without their passport.

About the Authors:

Julian runs a company that works with individuals and organizations doing business between the US, China, and Africa. He has been based in China for a number of years.

Ikbal (known by the nickname “Ikky”) is an R&D Manager working in Shanghai. He has been living in China for over 11 years.

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