Financial Training Activity Newsletter

Financial Training Activity Newsletter

In order to enable foreign entrepreneurs to better operate their company, on the afternoon of October 10, 15 and 18, 2019, the Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd. conference room held financial training activities for foreign-funded enterprises,which analyzed and answered some financial and tax problems encountered in the operation of foreign-funded enterprises.


Training content 1: Business license

A business license is a certificate issued by an industrial and commercial administration authority to an industrial and commercial enterprise or an individual business operator to engage in a certain production and operation activity. The format is uniformly regulated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.



Training content 2: Finance and taxation

  1. Financial management:

Refers to the activities of the company involved in the production process, cash management, cost management, expense management, fixed asset management, payable management, receivables management, internal control

  1. Tax declaration:

Filing and taxing taxes generated during business activities


  1. 财务管理:


  1. 税务申报:


Training content three: interactive questioning


The event was a complete success


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