Documents required while changing job in China

Documents required while changing job in China

As the new China work permit policy started from April 2017, it’s a big change of the rules and systems, even the departments are changed from Labor bureau to Expert Bureau. The new protocols are extremely strict on applicant’s documents.

For applicants who work in China changing a job will be more complicated, more important thing is that you need to carefully process your application to avoid troublesome. The whole process costs 4-6 weeks, some applications may cost 1-3 months,The applicant’s visa type also matters as some visa type can be converted into work visa while others cannot be transferred.we suggest that you should consult an experienced agent or personnel to assist along the way.

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Here are some advices and tips for those who are changing between jobs:

1.   Documents list you need to prepare when you change to a new job:

  • Your accurate and updated resume
  • Work reference letter (From any of your former employers)
  • Original diploma with notarization copy(This can be exempted if you start the new work permit application on time)
  • Non-criminal record report with notarization (This can be exempted if you start the new work permit application on time)
  •  A release letter from your last employer
  • The Cancellation letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book(if you already have new version work permit card then ignore this)
  • Other documents are easy to prepare such as passport, photos etc.

2. Steps

1) Apply new Work Permit Card (4-6 weeks)

2) Apply new Working Visa(5-7 working days)

3.  Release Letter from the previous employer and Cancellation Letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book

Getting a Release Letter from your employer when you leave current job is helpful for your new working visa application.

Getting the Cancellation Letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book is the 1st step of the whole process, you can only start the application with this letter which usually costs 1 week to apply.

4. Foreigner Work Permit System Account

Please confirm with your new employer if they have an account on Foreigner Work Permit System, or they have to register and apply one.

To open an account on the System require your employer to register online and verify the documents on the Expert Bureau counter, it cost 1-2 working days (other cities might cost1-2 weeks)

5. Working Experience and Position Title

You can not change the position title with your new job unless you prove at least 2 years relevant Working experience, for instance, if you were working as a Marketing Manager with your current company, you can not change the job title to a designer unless you provide a reference letter claiming that you have worked as a designer for at least 2 years.

Applying for work permit is a complicated process since April 2017. There are a lot of detailed requirement at each step of the process, so it takes up lot of time and energy if you are not familiar with the protocol.

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