Deputy District Head Chen Xiaofeng visits Kudosbay- Songjiang

Deputy District Head Chen Xiaofeng visits Kudosbay- Songjiang

Mr.Chen Xiaofeng, Deputy District Head of Songjiang District, Shanghai, visited Kudosbay, a one-stop center for foreign entrepreneurs in China, for investigation and survey, and held a seminar with Kudosbay discussing the development status on the afternoon of February 18.

Accompanying persons were Yuan Qiukun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the management committee of Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone, and Gu Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and General Manager of the Group.

After listening to the brief introduction of Kudosbay, including its development model, given by the head of the Kudosbay Project, Chen Xiaofeng spoke highly of the incubator which is nestled in the small-sized nine-storey building, but attracted 4.8% of the foreign investment of the whole city in 2018; also he fully affirmed the contribution made by Kudosbay to the opening of “The Last Kilometer” for foreign Wisdom Guest to go through relevant administrative and commercial procedures for setting up businesses, and showed great interest in the service for the exhibition industry which has been advocated by Kudosbay.

“Afterwards, Chen Xiaofeng gave some suggestions on how to develop and strengthen Kudosbay as follows:

”In the aspect of space expansion, we should put the role of the G60 Technology and Innovation Real Economy in Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone, as the main battlefield, main force and main engine, into full play, continue expanding the space for expats’ entrepreneurship, and set up a more convenient platform for communication and exchanges.

It is hoped that Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone will give priority to the intelligent professionals at Kudosbay in respect of living and traffic supporting services.

In the aspect of attraction of external investment, we should fully research the industrial policies relevant to the G60 Technology and Innovation and Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and it is hoped that Kudosbay will grasp the opportunities of the development of Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone and use its own investment inviting platform to introduce more excellent cross-border trade projects into Songjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone.


In the aspect of attraction of foreign talents, we should fully use the advantages of Songjiang University Town, which is home to a great number of foreign and domestic talents, and guide overseas students in their entrepreneurship and innovation.

While excavating resources, we should step up the gathering of foreign and domestic talents who pursue entrepreneurship and innovation at Songjiang.

Built and operated by Shanghai Kudosbay Information Technology Co., Ltd., Kudosbay Service and Trade Gathering Area is a public service platform which, featuring “concentrated registration and taxation, professional management, individual service and humanized concerns,” attracts and assists foreign people who “have lofty ideals, wisdom, personal connections and great skills” (who are also called “Wisdom Guest”) to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation in the National-level Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone; an incubator which converts foreign natural persons into business entities in China and elevates foreign legal persons of enterprises in China into successful businessmen; and an international service and trade cluster which assists Chinese enterprises to better engage in the Belt and Road construction, assists them in the supply-side reform, improves their efficiency by adopting the commercial model of global outsourcing in the context of the great development of the global service and trade, and directly serves the integration of the Yangtze River Areas and the construction of the G60 Technology and Innovation.

Since its official operation on April 12, 2017, Kudosbay has successfully converted and attracted 309 foreign-owned enterprises, in which 264 such enterprises were added in 2018, including 77 enterprises from the countries along the Belt and Road; the investors come from 67 different countries and regions, with the total registered capital of 78.66 million U.S. dollars.

As of now, there are more than 60,000 foreign people in the database of Kudosbay, to whom Kudosbay has sent more than one million messages regarding relevant policies, replies to answers and communication and exchanges.

Accumulatively, it has held 87 meetings and training courses for disseminating all kinds of policies. As the incubator approved by the Science and Technology Commission of Songjiang District in 2018, Kudosbay has issued the first business license for foreign investment enterprises upon the one-stop service reform in respect of business registration in China.

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