Company Seals are must for any company operating in China

Company Seals are must for any company operating in China

For newly-registered company in China, a set of seals are required to carve, such as company official seal, legal representative seal, invoice(fapiao) seal, financial seal, and contract seal.

1. Company official Seal

The official seal is an important criterion for judging the effectiveness of such civil activities as buying  selling and leasing. Except for the special legal provisions, any contracts signed in the name of the company and other legal documents, you can use the official seal.

2. Legal representative seal

Although the legal representative’s stamp can only be used within the limited set of purposes, such as tax filing, opening a check, its right is not small. It has the effect of replacing the legal representative’s signature.

3. Financial seal and invoice(fapiao) seal

Financial seal will be needed in the financial accounting and bank settlement business, while invoice(fapiao) seal and contract seal are available during purchasing and opening invoices, and contract signing between enterprises respectively.



           Financial Seal

Invoice seal

4. Contract seal

Contract seal can be used for only approving the contracts. However, the business seal can also be used for contracts approval, so it depends on the company if it wants to use the contract seal or business seal. In addition, if the company has import and export business, “custom seal” will be required.

How can Kudosbay be helpful?

Kudosbay helps to set up the WFOE companies and provide all the required seal to its business owners. This makes easier for the companies to trade and do business in China. In China, seal can replace the effectiveness of signature. So, an entrepreneur should know the various seals and its uses so that right seal can be used in different scenarios.

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