Can You Sell Masks on WeChat?

Can You Sell Masks on WeChat?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, masks have become a necessity. You probably have seen some people sell masks in WeChat groups or on WeChat moments. But is it really legal for everyone to sell masks on WeChat? Are there any certificates mandatory for selling masks?

1. Regulations of e-commerce operation

WeChat business belongs to e-commerce operation. If a e-commerce operator wants to sell medical device online, besides business license, have filings in municipal market supervision and administration department, have a medical device production and operation licence is also mandatory. Companies sell medical devises online shall sell them on a medical device online trading service platform or a self-built website. For self-built website trading, the operators need to get Internet Medical Information Service Qualification Certificate.

2. What kind of Masks can be used to contain epidemic?

During the outbreak of coronavirus, we use surgical masks to prevent infection.

According to the regulation of the Medical Device Classification Catalog, the surgical masks used for epidemic prevention fall under the second category of medical devices. Companies engaged in the operation of producing or dealing with surgical masks shall file a record with the Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Department of the local government, otherwise they shall not engage in such business activities.

Companies shall also be able to provide the receipts of the masks they purchased, the operation certifications and product certifications from suppliers are required to be provided as well.

Due to the shortage of masks supply, some people want to make a fortune by selling masks. But if above regulations are failed to complied with, the sales activity will be illegal.

The offenders can be fined 20 times of the value of sold goods. If the illegal turnover up to 10,000, the offender maybe sentenced to jail.

Over the past one month, more than 7,500 coronavirus-related fraud cases involving more than 192 million yuan (US$28 million) have been reported in mainland China, according to a report co-published by China’s Ministry of Public Security and internet giant Tencent Holdings, which operates ubiquitous super-app WeChat. Among those cases, 96.9% were related to masks. It is understandable that we have strong desire to buy masks for our family and ourselves, and in some cases, to donate masks to frontline medical worker. But before you pay to the sellers, at least make sure you’ve seen the certificates mentioned above.



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