About Us

KUDOSBAY - One stop Start-up Service Provider for Foreigners in China

Kudosbay belongs to Nationa-level Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone. We are authorized by the Government to help foreigners in China to set up a business and help to apply for a work permit. We also provide one step start-up service providers for foreign entrepreneurs and help them to do business in China smoothly.

The initiative is supported by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center,National and State level Shanghai Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone and Government of Songjiang District. It is a comprehensive consulting company that is specialized in serving foreigners in China and helping them to achieve their goals.

Kudosbay has been rewarded as “INNOVATION INCUBATOR” by Songjiang Government in July 2018. Kudosbay has been awarded as “The Advanced Entrepreneurship Organization” in 2017 and 2018.

What does “Kudosbay” word mean?

The word Kudos actually means glory and when Kudosbay is translated directly, it means the glorious bay. It means that foreign entrepreneurs in China are “Cool Bean”. It’s the duty of Kudosbay to help foreign entrepreneurs take root and build their business enterprise in China successfully.


Awards and Achievements


Certified Shanghai Small and Medium Size Enterprise Service Organization recognized by Economic Development Zone

Kudosbay is now a certified organization for registering small and medium-size companies. It is recognized by Economic Development Zone.


“One Window”

After obtaining the new policy of ``One Window`` in Shanghai's business environment reform, the city's first newly established WFOE business license


Entrepreneurship Award

Kudosbay service and contribution was recognized by the Songjiang District Government and won the “2017 Entrepreneurship Organization Advanced Unit Award”



Kudosbay has been rated as innovation incubator by the government in July, 2018!Thank you to the leaders of Songjiang District Science and Technology Commission.


Since Founded 2015 Shanghai, Our goal is simple, is to make easier for Individuals and Companies to experience smooth time during registration of the company, work visa, and Investment in China.

From all the world Individuals and Companies come to us because they know we offer the knowledge, insight and guidance they need to move forward with confidence. Our experienced consultants deliver world-class and rigorous analysis, deep knowledge of their industries, and pragmatic solutions to produce practical, high-impact results — quickly.


To provide equal opportunity for every foreigner to succeed in China through our easy, fast and affordable services.


Kudosbay is committed to being the best services provider for foreigners by helping them stay and cultivate their potentials in China while providing valuable insight and information to all our customers on different issues.