【Tracking】A wonderful wine tasting during helpful business talk

【Tracking】A wonderful wine tasting during helpful business talk

Kudosbay has helped many foreign entrepreneurs set up their own businesses in China. Many entrepreneurs hope to develop their business, but they hardly have the opportunity to gain investment. On the afternoon of July 21st, Kudosbay invited Scott, the general manager of TOJOY Capital Holdings, to give entrepreneurs a business talk about investment and TOJOY Platform. In order to make a relaxing environment, we invited the wine supplier BottlesXO to help us to make the wine tasting.


Scott was a very experienced and knowledgeable speaker. He vividly introduced us how TOJOY Platform invests in high-quality projects and helped them succeed. TOJOY is a global holding company based in Beijing with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New York, Paris, Vienna and multiple other locations around the world. TOJOY Capital Holdings represents over 700,000 active investors looking for interesting projects across technology, brick and mortar retail, entertainment, on-line off-line internet 4.0, and franchising with the aim at turning “ants to elephants” with focus on early unicorn potential companies. Scott is based in Shanghai and has ToJoy project clients in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Scott是一个非常有经验及学识的演讲者,他生动的向我们介绍了天九共享平台是如何投资优质项目帮助他们走向成功。TOJOY是一家全球控股公司,总部设在北京,在香港,上海,深圳,纽约,巴黎,维也纳和全球其他多个地方设有办事处。 Tojoy Capital Holdings代表70万活跃投资者,他们在技术,实体零售,娱乐,在线离线互联网4.0和特许经营方面寻找有趣的项目,目的是将“蚂蚁变成大象”,重点放在早期的独角兽潜在公司上。 Scott位于上海,在美国,欧洲和澳大利亚拥有ToJoy项目客户。

BottlesXO, the wine supplier this time, was a company that has successfully established a business in Shanghai for 5 years. BottlesXO is not only a wine ordering platform, but a FULLY INDEPENDENT 1-STOP CULTURAL EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY that connects consumers vertically with exceptional producers. They provide selected cost-effective wine, craft beer and spirits. In addition, they provide meticulous and professional food pairing recommendations. Join in BottlesXO community through public accounts and groups, you can also acquire wine tasting skills, wine knowledge, and wine culture information. This is their QRcode for app downloading, which can deliver wine to your home for free within 30 minutes.



After Scott’s business talk, the entrepreneurs introduced themselves, and the BottlesXO speaker explained in detail the wines provided in this wine tasting and introduced the wine tasting methods. Entrepreneurs enjoyed the time of free exchange and tasting, and the exchanges were very warm and pleasant. This event ended perfectly in harmony!


Kudosbay will hold a professional training on import and export trade at the end of July. Our consultant coach, Rishi, will be the main speaker. If you are interested in this event , welcome to sign up! The poster will be sent later or contact your consultant for more information!


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