【Tracking】A very useful event for international trade

【Tracking】A very useful event for international trade

Last Friday, we held a lecture on how to do import and export trade in China at the Xuhui Vanke Center. In this lecture, Kudosbay adopted the mode of simultaneous offline listening and online streaming for the first time, so that clients who could not come to the scene can better participate in the event. We have 32 clients participating offline in this event, and more than 10 clients participated in the online streaming.


The speaker of this lecture, Rishi, is our consultant coach at Kudosbay, and he is also the CEO of Shanghai Univesco Consulting Trading Co., Ltd. The lecture mainly sorted out and explained the basic knowledge, procedures and documents required by clients for import and export trade. The lecture shared a series of procedures and precautions such as how to find factories, how to purchase samples, and how to find freight forwarding companies. At the same time, it also showed many materials and documents required in the business process, such as invoices, customs declarations, purchase orders, electronic port card, etc…. Rishi also prepared three cases to share in the event, so that clients can feel more empathetic.

本次讲座的主讲人Rishi 是我们酷豆湾的创业顾问教练,同时也是上海悠旎国际贸易有限公司的CEO。讲座主要针对客户需要做进出口贸易所需的基本知识、流程与文件进行了梳理与讲解。讲座分享了如何找工厂,如何购买样品,如何找货代公司等一系列流程与注意事项。同时也展示了许多在业务过程中所需要的材料文件,例如发票、报关单、采购合同、电子口岸等等……Rishi也准备了三个案例在活动中分享,使得客户能更感同身受。

In the Q&A session, clients enthusiastically spoke and raised their own questions, and our speaker patiently answered client questions. At the same time, there were more online questions, and Kudosbay’s consultants helped client relay their questions to the venue and answer them. The online and offline clients experience of this event has been well guaranteed.


Kudosbay interviewed two clients who participated and shared their views on the lecture:




After the lecture, the clients communicated with each other, got to know each other, and communicated with the speaker and the consultants of Kudosbay. The event came to a successful conclusion.


If you want to hold your own event in Kudousbay, please contact Kudosbay marketing department (Wechat ID:13127702938 Email:iriszhang@kudosbay.com) or your consultants. We will launch the Kudosbay “hello world” Plan to help clients find more business opportunities and make better business connections. In the future, more daily videos of Kudosbay will be shared in the video column of “Kudosbay and his friends”, please look forward to it!


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