【Tracking】2020 entrepreneurs’ visit & forum in songjiang CBZ

【Tracking】2020 entrepreneurs’ visit & forum in songjiang CBZ

In July, kudosbay launched a 4-month event ——”let the world know Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone(CBZ) – welcome foreign entrepreneurs to be the spokesman”



As the main battlefield, main force and main engine of the real economy of G60 science and technology innovation corridor, Songjiang CBZ becomes an important new base for the economic development of Shanghai. As the resource highland of “genius”, kudosbay now sincerely invites all foreign entrepreneurs of kudosbay to become the spokesman of Songjiang CBZ. The spokesman can use various forms to let others understand, get familiar with the CBZ.



On July 10th, as the opening ceremony of the event, kudosbay led several kudosbay’s entrepreneurs to Songjiang CBZ to participate in the official forum held by the Management Committee of Songjiang CBZ. At 2:00 p.m., the forum began. Director Wang of the Management Committee of Songjiang CBZ introduced to us the five characteristics of Songjiang: “the root of Shanghai, the head of Pujiang River, the top of Shanghai, the city of culture, the seat of learning” and the development history of Songjiang CBZ.



Songjiang, located in the southwest of Shanghai, is the southwest gateway hub of Shanghai serving the Yangtze River Delta region. Songjiang CBZ, located at an important node on the economic development axis of Shanghai and Hangzhou, enjoying convenient railway and road transportation. Songjiang CBZ has the “4+3+X” industrial policy and the “two Exemptions and Three 50%-Reductions” tax policy, providing superior conditions for entrepreneurs to develop their business. Finally, Li, the chief of the Management Committee of Songjiang CBZ, gave a detailed answer to the questions raised by entrepreneurs from all over the world.



After the forum, the leaders and entrepreneurs from various countries took a group photo in the hall. The leaders of the Management Committee of Songjiang CBZ led the entrepreneurs to visit the exhibition hall of Songjiang CBZ, so that entrepreneurs could have a better understanding of Songjiang CBZ. After the visit, Alex, a kudosbay entrepreneur, and weHustle, a foreign social networking platform, gave an exclusive interview to Director Wang. The visit and forum of Songjiang CBZ came to a successful conclusion.



Kudosbay’s event——”let the world know Songjiang comprehensive bonded zone(CBZ) – welcome foreign entrepreneurs to be the spokesman” has officially started. We hope that all foreign entrepreneurs can participate in this event actively and have a chance to win the grand prize!(For details, please check the article published on July 1st  on our official account)


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